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2023 USA Powerlifting England - Euro Tour Round 1 - The Inauguration [COMPLETED]

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Our first official event, comprising of multiple events including the first round of the USAPL Euro Tour.

Please complete the entry form and send it to the email address on it. (We will be moving to LiftingCast entirely after this first event.)


Event Conclusion

Our first major public event was an absolutely brilliant occasion. We had 67 lifters participating over 2 days, in a variety of events from Bench Only to Push & Pull as well as the main Full Power event, with a mix of Raw & Equipped participants.

We welcomed lifters from across England and the Netherlands with participants also coming from France, Ireland and Hong Kong!

The event ran smoothly with very few incidents or complications and it was a pleasure to begin the process of welcoming the USAPL to England, the UK and the rest of Europe!

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